Design of seat heater

- Jan 29, 2019-

The basic structure of the seat heater is: the lower level is a layer of non-woven fabric, heating wire arranged on the non-woven fabric, with a fixed tape will be the heating wire fixed on the non-woven fabric, knitted cloth cover on the fixed tape, and knitted thread seam made of similar to the shape of the seat heating, and stitched in the seat cover. In order to improve the comfort of the occupants of the car, control the seat heating temperature within a certain range, in the seat heating pad arranged 2 temperature controllers: (1) 50±5℃ disconnected, 30±5℃ connected; (2) 43±5℃ disconnected, 23±5℃ connected. The backrest heater is connected to the cushion heater power supply through the connector, the cushion heater power supply is connected to the dashboard wiring harness through the connector, and then through the seat heating switch, fuse wire, ignition switch connected to the battery power supply.