Hangzhou Marketing Center mid-Autumn Festival activity report

- Jun 14, 2018-

In order to promote the new family science and technology Hangzhou marketing team to communicate with each other, but also in order to let employees feel the new company culture, is to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, the company held a grand mid-Autumn Festival activities on September 20, 2012.

The general manager of the company participated in the whole event and published an impassioned speech, to achieve leadership and staff interaction, so that everyone in the common platform for communication. The company provides a wealth of Chinese meals, fruits, mooncakes and so on, we eat while chatting, very happy. In the course of the dining process, the financial manager caught the company's biggest award----value of 388 yuan of new family massage products whack thump. Other colleagues are also eight immortals across, prowess, new family company in 21, 21 awards of cash, small gifts, giveaways and other flowers fell to each home.

We are very excited, actively involved in the award of the event design novel, praise as a tide.

After the KTV activities are high to the extreme, handsome girls are no longer as shy as usual, are bold to sing their own good songs, the general manager also with everyone to sing, happy together, the event to a new climax. This activity is conducive to the formation of a new culture of enterprises, enhance the confidence of employees, external display of cordial, united and efficient image, effectively enhance their own visibility and reputation.