How to avoid harm of electric blanket

- Jan 28, 2019-

1, learn to use the appropriate electric blanket: first, the electricity time should not be too long, generally before bedtime heating, to go to sleep to turn off the power supply, must not be used all night; second, people with allergic reactions do not use electric blankets; third, often use electric blanket, to drink more water; four is electric blanket do not contact the human body directly

A blanket or sheet should be laid on it

2, in order to prevent accidents, electric blanket power can not be long time away from people, not in the electric blanket above the stacking of heavy loads, can not put hot water bags on the carpet body at the same time use, do not let the blanket wet damp, especially to prevent children, patients bed wetting and so on.

3, if the electric blanket used dirty, can not be immersed in washing, can not be rubbed, can only be tiled on the board with a soft brush wipe clean or dipped in some diluted detergent gently wipe the dirt surface, and then dip in the water brush, and then put in the ventilation place to dry, pay attention to do not power on the drying.

4, if the electric blanket failure or parts, components damage, to please manufacturers repair points or professional and technical personnel maintenance, not free to repair, but also can not simply twist the electric hotline head together, in order to prevent excessive contact resistance, resistance parameters caused by overheating sparks danger. 

5, sofa bed, wire bed and other soft bed used electric blanket, must be folding type electric blanket.

Usually on the market is the linear electric blanket, this electric blanket is only suitable for use in the harder bed, can not be used on the soft bed, otherwise easy to break the heating element, an accident occurred.

6, the collection of electric blanket preservation, should first dry and then round curl bag storage, pay attention not to multi-layer folding, can not be squeezed or heavy pressure, in case of damage to the blanket body components. 

7, the normal service life of the electric blanket is 6 years, do not "overage service", indefinite use may lead to safety risks, easy to cause accidents.