New family with a variety of products blooming Zhengzhou exhibition

- Jun 22, 2018-

Zhejiang New Family Technology Co., Ltd., as the first brand of car residence function cushion, after 20 of the development, professional investigation and research, in response to the needs of domestic users and the current market conditions, the development of economic, durable, stylish appearance of a variety of new products.

Zhengzhou exhibition period in Santa Fe Special Garden Hotel Grand launch of autumn and winter new products, mainly divided into two categories: Beijing exhibition stand out of the second generation of music wear new autumn and winter and high technology content of functional cushions-pneumatic massage pad and negative ion air conditioning pad. According to the exhibition leader, "Le dress second generation autumn and winter new products, inherited the past new Family Music series products have a cool wind, breaking through the traditional cushion of the color dull." Young people are the backbone of our new family consumption force, we focus on product design and research and development of young people's aesthetic tendencies, highlighting the personalization, rejuvenation, product fashion simplicity, will lead the trend of silicone anti-skid pad.

” Automobile seat pad as the "play" products of Zhengzhou automobile Products exhibition, its attention is naturally high, from the exhibitors of the products, car cushions have become more and more focused on health and environmental protection, "health" no longer stay at the conceptual level, but is implemented into the function of the product. New family launched the "pneumatic massage pad" is a low-voltage low-energy microcomputer control, set pneumatic massage, motor vibration massage, heating and other functions in one of the multi-functional advanced massage products. "Anion air conditioning pad" set heating, refrigeration, natural circulation and negative ions, such as four functions in one, and in a variety of functions have a high, low two kinds of gears, according to different needs to achieve intelligent operation, experience the feeling of winter warm summer cool. The head of the booth said, "Negative ion air conditioning pad, can emit 3 million/cm³ of negative ions, improve the air quality in the car, for the healthy car life to provide protection."

”At this Zhengzhou exhibition, the most discussed by the industry is the "e-commerce" market environment and business methods. "Now the market is not short of products, and there is no shortage of good products."

"In the face of oversupply of automotive supplies market, many suppliers, channel operators have shifted the attention of channel expansion to the broad-prospect e-commerce market, and this exhibition new family shun trend, rapid entry into the e-commerce market, the realization of online and offline products separate, line online sales set up a special and offline entity to distinguish the product." New family, has been the pursuit of "fashion, happiness, taste, comfort" brand connotation, "new family accompanied, happy life!" "It's its commitment to the customer. Since entering the market, the new family by virtue of its integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry.