Related reports of electric blanket

- Jan 27, 2019-

As the weather gradually gets colder, the electric blanket, which warms up quickly and keeps warm, has become the first choice for many consumers. But the use of electric blanket must pay attention to safety, especially pay attention to the use of the term, otherwise easy to cause accidents. Reporter in the electric blanket outside the packaging to see, product safety and security technology, manufacturers contact information and reference standards are one by one noted.

After opening the outer packaging, you can see the words "safe use period of 6 years" on the instructions for use, which is one of the reasons why customers ignore the use period. The use of electric blanket must not be folded, when using the electric blanket, it should be tiled under the bed sheet or thin mattress, must not be folded up for use. When most electric blankets are energized for 30 minutes, the temperature rises to about 38 degrees Celsius, so the thermostat switch should be dialed to a low temperature gear or turned off. Electric blanket dirty, do not soak washing, rubbing, otherwise will damage the insulation layer of the hair hotline or break the electric hotline, should be tiled on the ground, with a soft brush brush clean or dipped in some diluted detergent gently wipe the dirt surface, and then dip in water scrubbing, drying can not be used.