The purchase technique of automobile seat heating pad

- Feb 14, 2019-

Owners buy when the best choice of heating speed, heating area of uniform products, "now some heating pad heating speed is slow, and some in different stalls, heating parts will be different, which will affect the heating effect."

"Do not cheap the purchase of inferior heating pad, external heating pad is often directly installed on the cigarette lighter, in the cigarette lighter with heating pad is particularly easy to burn the fuse; the additional electrical appliances due to different power, may affect the original circuit, if arbitrary wiring, light will lead to short circuit of the wire, destruction of electrical equipment, heavy will cause fire. In addition, according to the "Electric blanket, electric heating pad and similar flexible heating apparatus special requirements" provisions, the electric blanket from the production date began to calculate, safe service life of 6 years, and the safe service life of electric pads is 3 years. Moreover, the standard makes it clear that the product must be accompanied by a safe service life of the text or symbol identification, and according to the relevant national standards in the use of the instructions to be clearly marked. If there is no labeling, consumers will be wary.