The role of automobile waist-leaning

- Feb 10, 2019-

The waist is the master of all, like the large axis of the power machinery. A sick waist, it is a disease of all diseases, a heavy lumbar illness, then he is also seriously ill.

If the waist can not be effectively relaxed, forever, there may be many unexpected problems. When a person is seated, a intervertebral disc is subjected to three times times heavier pressure than the torso. During the driving process, if you maintain a sitting position for a long time, the pressure on the intervertebral disc will gradually accumulate. At first, it will lead to the flow of blood in the waist, lactic acid gradually increased, the appearance of lumbar acid swelling and other feelings, if not treated and protected, will gradually oppress the spine, resulting in lumbar muscle strain and lumbar spine disease.

So in the driving process, you can choose the car waist depends on such products to protect the waist. Automobile waist by perfect fit into the human waist, give the human body good support, effectively relieve the long drive brought by the waist tiredness and tiredness, cushions on the human body No pressure point, the lumbar pain has a very good relief effect. Can bring people a relaxed and comfortable driving atmosphere. Cute shape of the car waist, but also can play the role of decoration.