Car Heating Cushion

- Aug 21, 2020-

Product introduction editor

In the cold winter, staying in the icy cab for a long time can easily become stiff hands and feet, which brings great hidden dangers to driving safety. Now with the heated cushion, all cold is a cloud, and the warmth is around you. Car heating cushion has become a hot-selling product.

Working styleedit

The principle is not complicated. It is to add a temperature-adjustable heating body in the seat cushion. As long as the seat cushion is connected to the car power supply, the seat cushion can generate heat. It is worth noting that the price gap of this kind of product is very big, the cheap online is tens of yuan, and the expensive is as high as several thousand yuan.

At present, the heating cushions for automobiles that sell for tens of yuan on the market are basically directly connected to the cigarette lighter, which is easy to burn the fuse. There are also some car heating cushions that are not directly connected to the cigarette lighter. The installation process will also change the line. The voltage limit of each car is specified. Once a new resistance is added, it may cause a short circuit of the car current. Cause a fire. Therefore, it is not recommended for car owners to install such heating cushions at will.

Shopping skillsedit

It is best for car owners to choose products with fast heating speed and uniform heating area. “Some heating pads now have slow heating speeds, and others have different heating positions in different gear positions, which will affect the heating effect.” Buy low-quality heating pads for cheap. The external heating pads are often directly installed on the cigarette lighter. Adding a heating pad to the cigarette lighter is particularly easy to burn the fuse; additional electrical appliances may affect the original circuit due to different power. It will short-circuit the wires, destroy electrical equipment, or cause a fire.

In addition, according to the "Special Requirements for Electric Blankets, Heating Pads and Similar Flexible Heating Appliances", the safe service life of electric blankets is 6 years from the date of production, and the safe service life of electric heating pads is 3 years. Moreover, the standard clarifies that the product must be accompanied by a text or symbol identification of the safe service life, and it is clearly marked on the instruction manual according to the relevant national standards. If there is no label, consumers must be vigilant.