Car Heating Cushion Purchase Skills

- Mar 16, 2021-

Although many cars now have temperature-adjustable seats, that is only the configuration of high-end cars. If you want to enjoy this kind of "warmth", the owners of ordinary configuration models can choose to install a car heating pad. In the past two years, the popular automobile heating cushions have been sold on the market. In addition to adjusting the temperature, many automobile heating cushions have also added a preheating function.


1. The heating speed should be fast

It is best for car owners to choose products with fast heating speed and uniform heating area. "Some heating pads now have slow heating speeds, and others have different heating positions in different gear positions, which will affect the heating effect." Buy low-quality heating pads for cheap. External heating pads are often directly installed on the cigarette lighter. Adding a heating pad to the cigarette lighter is particularly easy to burn the fuse; additional electrical appliances may affect the original circuit due to different power. It will cause a short circuit of the wires, destroy the electrical equipment, or cause a fire.

2. There must be instructions

According to the "Special requirements for electric blankets, electric heating pads and similar flexible heating appliances", electric blankets are calculated from the date of production, and the safe service life is 6 years, while the safe service life of electric heating pads is 3 years. Moreover, the standard clarifies that the product must be accompanied by a text or symbol identification of the safe service life, and it is clearly marked on the instruction manual according to the relevant national standards. If there is no label, consumers must be vigilant.

3. There must be a smoker interface in the car

The principle of the product is that the liquid circulating in the cushion reaches a good temperature through temperature adjustment to achieve a heating effect. As long as the "heating pad" is connected to the cigarette lighter, the cushion can maintain a temperature of 40°C to 60°C. The prices of products vary greatly according to different brands and styles. The cheap ones can cost more than 20 yuan, and the expensive ones can be as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

If you don't have a cigarette lighter, you may have to change part of the car's route. Some friends will mind this. After all, you don't want to change the car's route for a seat cushion.

4. Prioritize the brand

It must be produced by a regular manufacturer, so that there is a certain guarantee in terms of quality or after-sales. Because this kind of product has a lot of miscellaneous brands in the market, we must buy a famous brand.