Cautions When Using Car Heating Pads

- Feb 06, 2020-

It is strictly forbidden to place an external car heating pad inside the car seat cover! If it is placed in the seat cover, the internal temperature cannot be effectively dissipated, resulting in temperature accumulation and even danger! After getting out of the car, please turn off the switch and unplug the power at the same time, so as not to cause dangers such as concentrated battery current. For the safety of your car, please cut off the power in time before getting off the car.

At present, car heating cushions on the market that cost tens of yuan are basically directly connected to the cigarette lighter, which is easy to burn out the fuse. There are also some car heating cushions that are not directly connected to the cigarette lighter. The installation process will also change the line. The voltage limit of each car is specified. Once an additional new resistance is added, it may cause a short circuit in the car current. Cause a fire. Therefore, it is not recommended for car owners to install such heating cushions at will.

Tips: When purchasing a car heating pad, you must choose a regular manufacturer with a certificate of approval, and choose to install a built-in heating pad in a large car beauty decoration shop. This will prevent potential safety hazards.