Electric Cars Will Take Two-thirds Less Time To Charge

- Aug 05, 2019-

The maximum power output of the new ev charging station is 19.2kw, three times that of the current ev charging station, which can shorten the charging time by two-thirds.In addition, the device is compatible with amperage of 12-80 A and can be deployed in various locations.

Other projects include near-field communication for smart credit CARDS such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Michael d. Farkas, founder and executive director of Blink Charging, says: "the company's new generation of direct-current Charging station technology has been approved by the underwriter's lab, and is a milestone for the company.The new stations are powerful, with impressive performance in terms of charging speed, reliability and safety, which means that instead of waiting three hours on the road until the car is fully charged, it now takes just one hour."The amount of charge you can get in 30 minutes can now be done in 10 minutes."

The company will deploy a new generation of Blink charging stations aimed at expanding its network of electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, where it already has 14,000.