Is The Cooling Cushion Worth Using?

- Jul 18, 2020-

Refrigeration cushions are mainly used in cars, and the effect is quite impressive. Car cooling cushions are a kind of car cushion that can be exposed to the hot summer sun, so that the hot car cushion can instantly cool down to the body temperature when the car is started. Car seat cushion, this kind of seat cushion adopts the technology of ventilated cushion to realize cooling.

The technical core of the ventilated cushion is to work through an axial flow fan. The fan draws fresh and cold air from the cockpit into the cushion and guides the cold air through a sealed diversion circulation device to evenly distribute the cold air within the entire cushion. In order to achieve the purpose of cooling down from the source. The special perforations in the interior allow air-conditioning and body heat to pass through the small holes, keeping the skin in contact with the cushion continuously fresh.

The effect of car ventilating cushion is mainly manifested in: 1 ventilation, 2 circulation, 3 dehumidification, 4 refrigeration, 5 heat removal, 6 perspiration, 7 ventilation.