Precautions For Electric Blankets

- Feb 15, 2019-

Because the baby is vigorous, sleep at night generally slightly sweaty, with electric blanket, by the temperature quickly raised, accelerated the baby's metabolism, often sweating more, once the hands and feet out of the outside, very easy to cold and cold. In addition, due to elevated temperature, and the temperature of the bedroom remains the same, Riges outside the cold, cold air on the baby's delicate respiratory tract mucosa to strengthen stimulation, easy to cause mucosal dryness, the appearance of dry pharyngeal pain.

So giving children an electric blanket is a cause of repeated colds. Electric blanket heating speed is fast, temperature is also very high, and infants are very sensitive to temperature, can not overheat, and can not be too cold, long time use of electric blanket, bed temperature rise is higher, will increase the amount of water lost in infants and young children, infants can appear hoarse, restless and other mild dehydration phenomenon.

In order to avoid such a condition, the child can be energized before going to bed, wait for the child to go to bed, and then cut off the power in time. If in the use of electric blanket, the child appears dehydration symptoms, and cough, fever, parents should not be overly nervous, should first give the child a glass of water, observe, the average child will calm down, quickly return to normal. If the child is still restless after drinking water, then, should be sent to the hospital in time for medical treatment.