Safety Knowledge Of Electric Blanket

- Feb 09, 2019-

In order to ensure the safety of home use of electric blanket and extend the service life of electric blanket, to prevent and avoid the use of electric blanket in the process of unsafe factors, please note the following issues:

1. Before using the electric blanket, you should read the instruction manual in detail and operate in strict accordance with the instructions.

2. The supply voltage and frequency used are consistent with the rated voltage and frequency calibrated on the electric blanket. 

3. The electric blanket should strictly prohibit folding use.

The use of electric blanket in the process, should often check whether the electric blanket has a heap, pleated phenomenon, if any, should be flattened after the use of wrinkles.

4. The electric blanket should not be used in conjunction with other heat sources.

5. If the use of warm-up electric blanket, should absolutely prohibit the use of electricity all night, when the user to go to bed, should turn off the power supply.

6. Infants and those who cannot take care of themselves should not use the electric blanket alone and should be accompanied by someone to use it. 

7. Do not place sharp objects on the electric blanket, let alone put the electric blanket on the protruding metal or other sharp hard objects to use.