Signal Linetype With Electric Blanket

- Jan 30, 2019-

Used in temperature-regulating electric blankets. Wire core with glass fiber or polyester silk, the top entangled with flexible and flexible electrothermal golden (or foil belt), outside coated with a layer of nylon thermal layer or special plastic thermal layer, and then a copper alloy signal line around the thermal layer, the outermost coating a layer of heat-resistant resin.

When the temperature of the electric blanket takes place at a point above the predetermined value, the sensitive layer on the corresponding Electrothermal wire is changed from insulator to conductor, so that the control circuit is connected, the electric blanket is powered off, and the purpose of controlling mild safety protection is achieved. The use of non-signal linear electrothermal components of ordinary electric blanket, if to achieve temperature control, generally equipped with two types of temperature control elements: one is overheating safety thermostat, each bed electric blanket needs to 8~9, series in the electric heating element, play a safety protection role, the other is the thermostat controller, located at the head of the bed or at hand, to adjust the role The electric blanket with an electrothermal element with a signal line requires only a thermostat controller.