Tips For Buying Electric Blankets

- Feb 14, 2019-

1. Look at the logo, this is the premise of the purchase of electric blanket, but also the use of electric blanket safety guarantee.

The electric blanket must be a qualified product inspected by the relevant department or unit, and must have a certificate and a production license number that can be checked online. 

2. Look at the power, to use on demand, both energy saving and good health.

The power of the electric blanket is not the bigger the better, preferably according to the number of people to decide, single should not exceed 60W, double people should not exceed 120W. 

3. By hand, knowledge of quality.

Good quality electric blanket feel smooth, soft, fabric without leakage needle, internal electric hotline should be arranged neat rules, no cross overlap and knotting phenomenon. 

4. Look at the appearance.

The power controller should be complete, smooth, defect-free, flexible to use, have a clear switch mark, and the power cord used should be a double-layer sheath line. 

5. Select the Intelligent energy-saving model.

The choice can be automatically controlled, power saving, easy to save, safe and reliable. 

6. Test before you choose. When electrified, the bedding should not make a rustling sound; a few minutes later, the hand touching the electric blanket feels like heat.